Information about licensed midwives:

Licensed midwives have been practicing throughout the U.S. since the 1920s. They provide primary health care to women of all ages, from puberty, through childbearing, and beyond into the menopausal years.

Midwives provide personalized care during an individual’s pregnancy. The focus is on education so that pregnant people can take a more active role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. They attend individuals during labor and birth and are trained and experienced in prenatal, postpartum and normal newborn care.  Midwives practice in many settings, including home, birth centers and hospitals.

In addition to maternity care, midwives provide primary health care. This includes gynecological care, breast examinations, Pap screening, family planning and hormone replacement therapy for menopausal people. Licensed midwives also have prescriptive privileges.  Midwives provide care that meets the unique physical, spiritual and social needs of people.

Midwives during Labor:

Midwives support your choices for labor and birth and provide low tech care which includes many options. Options may include:

  • wearing your own clothing
  • laboring and giving birth in any position
  • having light intake of food and drink
  • IVs and continuous monitoring are not routine in many practices
  • choices for pain relief

Do You Know?

     Midwives on Long Island:

  • In general, have some of the lowest Cesarean section rates (see hospital stats page)
  • Strongly support vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Attend more than 95% of their births in hospital
  • Offer home birth as a safe alternative option
  • Provide education and support for successful breastfeeding
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